Lisa Little, Owner/Operator

About Us...

ANTIQUES AT PIKE PLACE has been in business since 1992.  Our mall is located at 92 Stewart Street in the historic J. P. Jones Building, just one-half block from the Pike Place Market.

In January of 2006, Lisa and Mike Little, founders of Lilly Bee Antiques, LLC, acquired the business operation of Antiques at Pike Place.  Their goal is to serve Seattle residents, visitors and tourists with fine antiques and collectibles at a reasonable price in an inviting and tasteful atmosphere.

Together with its five employees - Geri, Christine, David, Caroline, and Debra - the mall hosts over 65 of the Northwest's premier dealers. 


J. P. Jones Building - Then and Now

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1937 Fairmount Garage    2007 Antiques at Pike Place

 The J.P. Jones building has a rich and diverse history.  It was constructed in the late 1800’s, and over the years has served many businesses.  Pictured above in 1937 as the Fairmount Garage (Seattle historical archives – Jan 1938), the J. P. Jones building has been used to house horse-drawn milk delivery carriages, storage units, a bank, a mortuary, and eventually Antiques at Pike Place in 1992.  The building has weathered many storms and has seen numerous renovations.  One of the earliest documented incidents with the building involve John P. Jones himself filing claims against the City of Seattle in 1891 for damage to the property due to the raising and grading of Stewart Street.  Residents of the building, past and present, report of seeing spirits and encountering mysterious “Mischief” by ghosts resident in the building. 

Antiques at Pike Place is a business of LILLY BEE ANTIQUES, LLC, a Washington State Limited Liability Company.  All rights reserved.